Best men’s sunglasses

Out of all the investments you need to make this summer, purchasing a decent pair of sunglasses is arguably one of the most important.

Not only will they protect you from those dreaded UV rays, but they’ll often complete or even make an entire outfit. The right pair of sunglasses can bring to life what you’re wearing.

Whether you’re sporting a simple plain tee and trouser combination, or maybe you’ve opted for a simple (but comfy) hoodie rig-out, a pair of shades can often be the missing ingredient.

Finding the right pair can be tough though, with hundreds available at the click of a button, all boasting “extra sturdiness” or claim to be the “best and most long-lasting”.

Luckily, we’ve done the testing for you and found some of the best shades on the market right now.

We looked for sunglasses that you wouldn’t have to replace have way through the summer, that didn’t ache your face and temple after a period of time, that did the job they were designed for and provided adequate protection, and finally sunglasses that looked the part.

Sun Buddies zinedine in melted butter: £124.71, Sun Buddies

Swedish brand Sun Buddies has a reputation for making high-quality sunglasses, at affordable prices. Its minimalist design, paired with its array of different colourways makes sure it has a pair of shades to suit everyone. Our favourite  –the zinedine in melted butter – is made with an opaque biblio frame and handmade from Italian acetate. Its lenses provide 100 per cent UV protection and the seven bar hinge means they’re sturdy as you like. Bonus: they come in a luxurious sliding box and an orange faux leather case.

Finlay & Co archer sunglasses in sherbert lemon: £120, Finlay & Co

All of Finlay & Co’s sunglasses are handcrafted in its workshop in the north of Italy using the finest mazzucchelli acetate. The archer model mixes a classic panto shape with a unique angular brow, giving it a versatile shape that sees it suit oval, heart or square-shaped heads. These are well made and won’t break after one wear, and come in a host of different colours, although sherbet lemon is our favourite.

Hype black core sunglasses: £14.99, Hype

If you’re looking for a more classic frame at a cheaper price, Hype’s black core sunglasses should certainly be considered. Lightweight, sturdy, but still eye-catching with a subtle white speckled pattern, Hype’s reputation of making forward-thinking garments for the modern man should stand these in good stead this summer.

Quiksilver floatable polarised crusader sunglasses: £115, Quiksilver

Quiksilver’s been around for almost 50 years now, so the fact it makes excellent and durable products shouldn’t come as a surprise. The story’s the same with its crusader sunglasses too: made with the more active lifestyle in mind, they feature a nylon-injected frame (meaning they’ll float on the water if dropped) and shatter-resistant lenses to protect the eyes should anything happen. They’re lightweight, pleasant on the hand and feature some neat orange overlays that bring the design to life.

Mr Leight roku s round frame sunglasses: £495, Mr Porter

These aren’t just a pair of sunglasses, these Mr Leight roku s sunglasses are an investment. Handmade in Japan using 12-karat white gold and horn frames (we know), this round frame offering is luxurious to say the least. To protect your new pride and joy, they also come with a hard metal case that ensures they’re well-protected when they aren’t being worn.

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