Why sunglasses are necessary?

Then there’s the aesthetic appeal, framing your best features and working to the shape of your face, hair and dress sense. Rather than sacrificing functionality, the two should work in harmony.

It’s worth noting that sunglasses are particularly vulnerable to trend cycles. Before indulging, take heed of the face shape rule: opt for a pair that is the opposite of your face shape. A round face suits aviators or wide-set sunglasses, a long face suits cat eyes and is a good canvas for most styles, whereas square faces should stick to curved frames or aviators. Finally, oversized sunglasses or frames with exaggerated bottoms are ideal for heart-shaped faces.

It’s well worth ensuring that any new pair of sunglasses provides 100% UVA/UVB protection (it will say this on the label). If investing in an expensive pair, rise above the ephemeral trends in the shops and go for a classic shape that will survive the sartorial seasons. Then there are a wide range of colours and materials to choose from, from acetate to titanium. Both must complement your complexion and hair tone, as well as your dress sense (for example, brunettes suit black frames, pale skin tones should avoid pastel coloured frames that wash them out). There are plenty of lenses on offer but these often come as a “whole package” with the sunglasses and are rarely selected separately, unless through an optician. Polarised lenses reduce glare reflected off surfaces, which makes images appear sharper and clearer. Polycarbonate lenses are more resilient and ideal for those with children or leading active lifestyles (it also makes them a great choice of lens for rimless glasses).

The verdict:

Illesteva’s Leonard round-frame acetate sunglasses seal the deal as the Best Buy, with their substantial (yet not heavy) frames, their stylish shape (without being too daring) and their reasonable price for a pair of decent sunglasses that can weather the trend cycle.

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